Thursday, September 3

Design Hunting: Cubao X

Last April, the design geniuses behind Heima opened its doors to us mere mortals. Soon, word of mouth quickly spreads, as quirky and kitchy designs became the IT items in every household.

The fiance and I have been enamored with the whole Cubao X scene. And not for pseudo artsy-fartsy cravings mind you, but rather for a far more glutton-like affair -- pizzas at Belinni's!!! So one lazy Saturdays, when we were back at Cubao X to satisy our tummies' desire, we stumbled upon this happy little store, Heima, and the rest as they say is history. Love at first sight still happens in this time and age, my friends.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

Happy couch. Who wouldn't be with this fabric detailings, right?

Sun Jars (LED lights inside)

More awesome stuff on their online store,

Perfectly located at the heart of indie spirit in Manila, Heima can be found inside Cubao X, Marikina Shoe Expo.
Contact Info: 0917-561-4346


  1. The satin shoes are cute but so hard to maintain. :/ I don't know how to clean it nga.

    I want to visit Heima!! I saw their site. I want their escritoire and their cute shelves. :)

  2. haha i think you'll love it there jones, they have mga vintage clothing that only you can pull off on the second floor :)

  3. The sun jars look useful...

    "" where to buy what in Cebu - and it's true!!!! The site is pretty good, people

    just need to post a little more content..