Saturday, September 19

Oops...We Did it Again..

So last night, we had yet another embarrassing oops moment.  I was having dinner with girlfriends at Cajun, more on that later, and our topic soon turned to the not so urban myth creatures known as TDKs (/n/: tay-diok lang)
You see, Architect Mae and fashion designer Tong were sharing the absolute horror that is to deal with beyond-thrifty TDKs.  And how it's sometimes better to just let the TDK deal go south than give in to all the accompanying headache the thousand and one haggling moments they will surely bring in.  As usual, we were laughing so hard at some of their anecdotes that we failed to realized that we were in fact sitting next to...  real life TDKs.  Shame shame :(

Good gawd.  Great thing they didn't throw their onion rings at us. :O

Dining at Cajun

I couldn't breathe afterwards.  I was so stuffed.  I ordered the Shrimp and Ribs combo and silly selfish me proudly declared I wasn't sharing my food.  Ok, I think it was my friends, who outed me on my no sharing policy. Sheesh!  We went all the way to Retiro on a Friday night because preggy Tong was craving for Onion rings at Cajun. And what pregnant woman wants, pregnant woman gets.

I love their ribs, by the way - just the right mix of sweet and spicy sauce. Yummy! 

$$$: Below 400 bucks

The place is really nothing special but hey for the price you can't go wrong, for cheapo rib cravings it will do just fine hehe!  Unfortunately I forgot to get any contact info hehe - Cajun is located along Retiro near Banawe area.  It also has a branch at SM Megamall.

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  1. Nice... thnx for da info...

    "tr3at ur mama 4 free"
    is what it said on the instructions about the new contest for mothers day......