Sunday, September 13

Must Try: Marathon Madness

The fiance and I were supposed to be home by 1030 last night.  This, so we could get enough shut eyes for the fun run today.  However, one bite led to another and 2 hours later we found ourselves still sitting with friends at UCC in Eastwood Mall.

I tried very hard to fall asleep as soon as we got home.  But my body just wasn't cooperating.  It pro'lly was thinking that if I didn't get the required number of hours for Zzzzz, I would skip the marathon altogether.  I must have shocked my sloth-like body then when I was awaken by the alarm.

It was raining really hard.  I half-prayed they'd cancel the run and just give us the Crocs Finisher shirts.  (Which afterall was the only real reason anyone joins.  Right? Right? Umm.)  While looking for parking, we saw a bunch of runners on the starting line, not bothered by the rain at all.  There goes that wishful thinking.  The fiance leaned over & asked if I still wanted to run, "You can stay in the car bee" tsk tsk, such lack of faith, motivated me to brave the rain.

When the clock hit 5:50AM a gun shot was fired and the race begun.  The first five to ten minutes saw me and the fiance head to head.  Of course, this means he was willingly subjecting himself to run at my turtle-like pace of 2-3 kph. I knew though that he really wanted to beat his last marathon time so I told him to just go ahead without me.  Because there was no way this silly blogger will run any faster under such circumstances.

About half way through, I discovered that the fiance's car keys accidentally slipped from my pockets.  I was in beyond panicked mode.  The fiance had specifically asked me to keep it on my zipper pockets but silly-vain-stubborn me didn't think I could pull off the fat bulging ass look while running, so I placed them on my jacket parachute pockets instead.  Go figure disaster will strike.  Good thing, my half way point was when the fiance finished with his 5k.  We traced back my steps.  Got some quizzical look from strangers, probably wondering if I was chickening out that's why I was going the opposite direction.  The search goes on for a good 15 to 30 minutes before we decided to head back to the stage and hope to dear God that someone has turned the missing keys in.

And what do you know, minutes later a random stranger tapped me on the shoulder and shared how she was able to find our keys and gave it to one of the marshalls.  Ahhh good samaratins all around!

Thanks to all the helpful Crocs marshall, Tricia Chiongbian for helping with the announcements and a certain Charmaine (the runner, who as fate would have it has the same mindset when it comes to running as I do) for finding our car keys.

Celebrating our 5K run at Gloria Mariz in Greenhills

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  1. See - thats why Vanity is one of my worst enemies...... It makes you do illogical things just to look presentable and pretty to yourself...

    " - it's community driven, and I gotta tell you, it's much cheaper than a tour guide -

    it costs nothing!!!