Wednesday, September 2

Must Try: Laser Tagging

My addiction with "How I Met Your Mother" has led to this next activity. After catching Barney geeking it while suited up, I thought it was high time for the gang to do so as well. So two Fridays ago we went to Market Market at Fort Bonifacio to beat up on kids. Ok, the last part was probably just me. I couldn't tag the adults, they were too quick and bully-proofed for some reason. Thereby making me concentrate all my tagging powers on these two kids I have dubbed as easy targets. MWAHAHA (Evil laugh)

Ok, that's geek-o me talking. Anyway LASER EXTREME was fun. Glad that I was able to drag my friends for 2 sessions. Dear Fiance was the top scorer on the first game. But Jaynie's guy out-tagged him on the second one. As for yours truly, glad to report I was only fourth to last! Woot!

Oh and geek fact # 101. My laser tag name was Reaver.

Quick facts:

Php 180/session, minimum of 2 sessions per group.
Better to do this if you're already 24 in a group. Unless of course if you are bully-proofed.

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  1. Well, congrats...

    " - it's community driven, and I gotta tell you, it's much cheaper than a tour guide -

    it costs nothing!!!