Wednesday, September 2

Looking Forward: Crocs Marathon

Good friend Jigs alerted us to this particular event. An apparent marathon convert, he has been running and running AND running different marathons the past few months. In an effort to get off my lazy bleep, the fiance and I, together with other friends (still trying to convince Benny) signed up for the September 13 Crocs Fun Run on the SM Mall of Asia grounds. 5K baby, planning to finish this one before the 1-hour mark hits this time around.

There's a running clinic on the 6th of September for those who want to prepare for the event. Umm yeah I'm not yet on that level. I think we're going to sit this clinic out.

Next marathon, Adidas King of the Road. The fiance ran with Pammy and the rest of the gang last year. I, of course, slept soundly that morning. Too bad because the light blue singlet was an absolute gem to look at. Since we're planning to be health nuts this last two quarters of 2009, registering for this event is more and more looking like a go. Hmm I wonder if I can do that as early as now. It's a pretty nice singlet, noh?

Adidas KOTR is tentatively scheduled for October 25, 2009 Venue: Fort Bonifacio High Street

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