Sunday, September 13

Wedding 101: I heart Veluz Reyes

Yesterday afternoon, I had my third fitting with Veluz.  This was the first time I get to see what my gown looks like.  The first two fittings were really to just get the lining perfect.  And I can say with no shame whatsoever that this silly blogger has turned into one sappy mush.  Who knew!?

I wasn't one of those girls who had been dreaming about their wedding day upon hitting their tweens years.  I had a vague idea of what I want my gown to be, if only because of wedding websites and magazines.  During our first meeting, I remember showing Veluz a peg of a gown she made earlier that year which I thought rocked.  She looked at me and started sketching and when she finished I thought she was brilliant.  All I could say was "Wow, that's so me!"  But of course from paper to life, it's something else altogether.  And last September 12, I was the picture of a gushing bride-to-be.  I just kept repeating the words "thank you" and "love it!" to her team over and over and I couldn't stop touching the details in the gown as well.

You know how happy I was that day, the words "even if something goes wrong on the wedding day, I'll probably just touch my gown and I'll feel better, hun" actually escaped from my OCD-infested mouth.  Hmm, is THE perfect wedding gown the cure for wedding craziness?

I wish I could post some pictures but hey it's debut should be at the wedding day, right?

Veluz Bride:
contact info: 4825754
Address: 2089 Benitez St. Malate Manila

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